Six Weeks Left to Submit Feedback on Guidance v1.0

As we near the end of our 6-month Guidance v1.0 Pilot Program, I’d like to thank those who have been actively engaged in the process, and remind all stakeholders that you are invited to submit feedback on Guidance v1.0. The deadline to submit feedback is COB Friday, July 31st (ET).

Submit Feedback on Guidance v1.0

Guidance v1.0 assists organizations in accomplishing the following:
  • Program Development. Provides a framework for incorporating procurement as strategic component of an organization’s sustainability initiatives.
  • Strategic Prioritization. Guides purchasing organizations through the process necessary to select the strategies best for them today, given their unique circumstances.
  • Program Management. Assists in setting up the infrastructure to measure progress and continuously improve toward sustainability goals.
  • Category Guidance. Explains the most significant impacts and current best practices for mitigating the impacts associated with more than 20 product and service categories.
Download Guidance v1.0>>
Guidance v1.0

The following resources provide more information on Guidance v1.0.

Guidance v1.0 One Page Overview
Guidance Overview
Guidance v1.0 Launch Webinar
Guidance Launch Webinar

If you’d like to discuss Guidance v1.0 further and share your feedback directly, please contact Christina Macken, Director of Programs at christina[at]

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