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Dec. 12, 2018 - 12pm-1pm ET What's in Store for 2019 - The rising importance of supply chain sustainability leadership in a time of disruptive change

From plastic waste to science-based climate targets to gender equity, companies and their suppliers are under the spotlight from investors, watchdog NGOs, and their own employees more than ever before. What are the underlying trends driving these issues in the coming year, and how do companies need to prepare? How can they engage productively with critics, and partner to advance shared goals? Join Future 500 for a one-hour webinar preview of select notable trends and case examples of corporate leadership in stakeholder engagement. Future 500 is a service-based non-profit that builds trust between companies, advocates, investors, and philanthropists to collectively advance business as a force for good.

Learning Outcomes:
-- What are select key trends and dynamics driving environmental and social advocacy priorities through 2020, and how will they materially impact companies across the supply chain?
-- Why engage externally? What are the best practices in NGO and activist engagement to navigate these challenges, and for partnering with NGOs to help you advance your CSR goals and procurement standards?
-- What are the various forms of collaboration and partnership to consider?

-- Brendon Steele, Director, Future500
-- Sarah O'Brien, Director of Programs, SPLC

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This webinar is open to the public. However, the recording and slides will only be made available to SPLC members on the SPLC community website. Please contact Helena Kennedy with any questions.
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