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October 23, 2019
1:30-3:00pm ET

SPLC Hands-On Learning Series Session #5: Vision & Program Charter

During this hands-on learning session you will:

1. Draft a 5-year “big vision” for your sustainable purchasing program
2. Begin the development of a Program Charter, with the goal of building a detailed model of how your organization’s program will work, the impacts it will address, and the benefits it could realize

Sustainable purchasing programs often develop informally, the result of years of ad hoc, opportunistic activities. Rarely are program leaders invited to pick their heads up and think deeply about the future they are hoping to create through their organization’s purchasing. But organizations that establish bold, audacious visions find that having a vision in place is grounding and allows the program to take a more strategic approach. Join the SPLC for this Vision workshop and take the time to develop a big vision for your sustainable purchasing program. Once you’ve drafted your vision, you’ll move on to more “practical” thinking with the development of a Program Charter that will help you to put more structure to how you will achieve that big vision.

Johanna Anderson & Kris Spriano
Others TBD

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Member Only Webinar
December 11, 2019 1:00-2:30pm ET

Purchasing for Zero Waste: 3 Case Studies from Higher Education

Purchasing is one of the most critical places to look for waste reduction strategies. In any organization, most of the waste that goes out the back door initially came in the front door through purchasing. College and University campuses are further challenged by the diverse and widely distributed array of waste streams that they manage. This group of campus procurement leaders will discuss how they have moved toward Zero Waste goals through procurement of sanitation products, event services, and laboratory supplies.

Learning objectives during this 90 minute webinar:
1) The challenges of implementing a styrofoam packaging ban at University of California, how to leverage purchasing contracts to advocate changes in product packaging.
2) Ohio State University’s collaboration to reduce landfill waste and costs including a “shovel ready” hand dryers program, how to address concerns that arise and the process used to navigate a public higher education institution.
3) UC San Diego’s process and approval basis for suppliers for a zero-waste event that engaged 20 suppliers, how they defined guidelines, prepared and managed the execution of the event, and more.

--Matt Cyr, Assistant Director, Building Contract Services and Supply Chain, The Ohio State University
--Maggie Grey, Dining Commodity Manager, Senior Buyer CPSM, University of California, San Diego
--Mary Leciejewski, Senior Sustainability Coordinator, The Ohio State University
--Heather Perry, Procurement Services, University of California at Santa Barbara
--Mona Powell, Wellness and Engagement Manager, University of California, San Diego

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This webinar is open to the public. However, the recording and slides will only be made available to registrants and SPLC members on the SPLC community website. Please contact Helena Kennedy with any questions.
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