SPLC Maturity Model for Sustainable Purchasing

SPLC’s Maturity Model serves as a vision and roadmap for delivering on a truly, global sustainable economy through large, institutional purchasing.   The maturity model outlines 38 prioritized best practices in sustainable purchasing each defined by four levels of leadership maturity:

  • Initiating  Some ad hoc activities.
  • Developing   Activities building toward an integrated program.
  • Improving   Integrated program improving performance over time.
  • Leading   Program achieving leadership performance.

The aspects of leadership are organized in the maturity model according to SPLC’s five principles for leadership:

  • Understanding. The organization understands the  environmental, social, and economic impacts of its purchasing.
  • Commitment. The organization commits to implementing a sustainable purchasing program that takes responsibility for the environmental, social, and economic impacts of its purchasing.
  • Results. The organization delivers on its commitment to improve the relevant environmental, social, and economic impacts of its purchasing.
  • Innovation. The organization actively promotes internal and external innovation that advances a positive future.
  • Transparency. The organization solicits and discloses information that supports a marketplace of innovation.

For each of the principles, the maturity model defines leadership outcomes at two or more levels:

  • Organization: e.g., policy, management, procedures
  • Employee/Buyer: e.g., training, engagement
  • Supplier/Stakeholder: e.g., communication, collaboration, development, accountability

To download a copy of the SPLC Maturity Model, go here:SPLC Maturity Model



The SPLC BENCHMARK℠ Program is a series of SPLC resources and tools which apply SPLC’s Maturity Model in a practical way depending on where an organization is in its journey towards sustainable purchasing leadership.    Visit the SPLC BENCHMARK Program℠ website to learn more!

Benchmark Working Group:

The Benchmark Working Group oversees the continuous evolution 
of SPLC’s Maturity Model and Benchmark Program.  Current members include:

  • Charleen Fain-Keslar, California DGS
  • Christopher Davis, CodeGreen Solutions
  • Jenna Larkin, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Karl Bruskotter, City of Santa Monica
  • Lynda Rankin, Province of Nova Scotia
  • Shirley-Ann Augustin-Behravesh, Arizona State University
  • Tiffany Rodriguez, PG&E
  • Yalmaz Siddiqui,MGM Resorts
  • Melissa Peck, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Jennifer Burnett, State of California, Department of Transportation

Interested in joining the Benchmark Working Group?

Contact Kris Spriano, Benchmark Program Manager at kris@sustainablepurchasing.org