Membership Dues

Membership dues correspond to the size of an organization and the Membership Role(s) within which the organization wishes to have its staff participate.

SPLC Memberships are universal, meaning that an organization’s purchase of a Membership Role entitles all regular employees eligible for that Role to member benefits.

Annual Dues

 Purchaser RoleSupplier RolePublic Interest Role
Annual Budget/Revenue Footnote linkAnnual Dues (USD) Annual Dues (USD)Annual Dues (USD)
less than $50 thousand$100$150$100
$50 thousand to $250 thousand$150$500$125
$250 thousand to $1 million$225$1,000$250
$1 million to $5 million$350$2,000$350
$5 million to $25 million$550$4,000$500
$25 million to $100 million$850$7,000$750
$100 million to $500 million$1,350$10,000$1,000
$500 million to $2 billion$2,100$13,000$1,250
$2 billion to $10 billion$3,250$16,000$1,500
greater than $10 billion$5,000$20,000$1,750

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Multi-Role Discount

When joining in multiple Roles, receive 40% off the Role with highest dues.

The Council is offering this discount because it wishes to encourage members to bring their full expertise to the table when they have staff eligible to participate in more than one role.  As with any discount, this discount is offered at the will of the Council and is subject to change.

Example 1: Large Public University (Annual budget $500m-$2b)

RolesParticipating EmployeesDuesw/ MR Discount
PurchaserFacilities staff$2,100$1,260
Public Interest AdvocateFaculty, researchers$1,250$1,250
  Total Discount25%

Example 2: Medium Supplier Company (Annual revenue $5m-$25m)

RolesParticipating EmployeesDuesw/ MR Discount
SupplierCustomer-facing Staff$4,000$2,400
PurchaserProcurement Staff$550$550
  Total Discount35%