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A Vibrant Member Community that Offers Peer Connections, Practical Conversations and Focused Learning to Put Your Plans into Action and Results

SPLC’s diverse members – from corporations, governments, universities, certifiers, and non-profit organizations – share deep expertise and insights on highest-impact strategies, market trends and emerging best practices for sustainable purchasing.

Personalized, One-on-One Coaching to Create and Advance Sustainable Purchasing Initiatives

Through SP Foundations, SPLC’s expert staff provide one-on-one coaching customized to your organization’s unique sustainable purchasing development path. SPLC Members avoid the expense of “one-off” consulting and training.

Research, Data & Insights to Support Wise Decision-Making

Access SPLC’s research insights so you and your organization don’t reinvent the wheel or waste time and money on low-return initiatives. SPLC’s annual Summit, coaching, webinars, and research all provide deep learning opportunities based on leaders’ real-world experiences.

Guidance to Simplify Engagement with Suppliers

Assess and improve suppliers’ sustainability capabilities with shared resources such as plug-and-play supplier engagement templates, SPLC research on supplier rating providers, and case studies that spell out the basics of successful sustainable purchasing efforts.

Strategies to Build Your Program’s Profile and Success

SPLC helps you to develop sustainable purchasing programs that support your organization’s values, business strategy and sustainability commitments – from purchasing to supplying. We have even researched the strongest possible ways to convince leadership to invest in your sustainable purchasing program!

Exposure & Recognition for Sustainability Milestones

Spotlight your organization’s efforts with SPLC’s annual Leadership Awards program and through direct engagement with other members at our Summit, CONNECT Matchmaking event and webinar series.