Now Hiring! SPLC Program Coordinator

SPLC is pleased to announce that it has a new position open for hire immediately. Please consider joining our fun team doing meaningful work!

Program Coordinator

Position Mission

To deliver valued SPLC programming to members by:

  • coordinating the delivery of SPLC content (BENCHMARK, Guidance, Trainings),
  • supporting users of the content,
  • facilitating user/working groups,
  • and guiding ongoing continuous improvement of SPLC content.

Job Characteristics

  • Full-time.
  • Home-based anywhere in the US.
  • Flexible work schedule.
  • Some travel required (~10%).
  • Compensation based on years of relevant experience and education as well as locale (adjusted for cost of living).
  • Health and retirement benefits included.

Desired Start: August 2017

Year 1 Expected Outcomes for the Position:

  1. BENCHMARK Cohorts.* Several cohorts have been led to completion with high quality benchmark reports and positive feedback from participants. Additional cohorts are on track for similar success.
  2. Guidance Improvement. Guidance Chapters 2 and 3 are revised to better support users of BENCHMARK. This includes improving usability of the entire Guidance document.
  3. Working Groups & User Groups. Working Group facilitation is transferred completely from CEO with no loss in momentum and quality of execution. Additional working groups are launched.
  4. Training. Well-reviewed bespoke trainings are delivered.
  5. Research. Members receive timely and high quality answers to questions posted in the Community or asked over email.

Beyond Year 1:

SPLC is a young, fast-growing, and highly dynamic organization. As such, all staff roles evolve and shift over time. SPLC is committed to developing its employee’s skills and experiences so that they can grow with the organization, taking on new roles and responsibilities. That commitment can take the form of on the job coaching, third party trainings, the purchase of educational resources, opportunities to attend conferences, etc. We have a formal annual review process that supports learning from 360-degree feedback and provides an opportunity to thoughtfully shift role responsibilities to ensure a good role fit. We try our best to set our employees up for success because we believe that having an all-star team means having “a star in every role.” 

Role Competencies

  • Sustainable procurement program design and operation
  • Group facilitation and training
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Communication, written and oral
  • Customer service
  • Project management

Organizational Culture Competencies

Candidates that have the following characteristics will fit well with SPLC’s organizational culture:
Passionate. Collaborative. Fun. Efficient. Self-aware. High integrity. Culturally sensitive.

How to Apply

Send cover letters and resumes to
Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

* About BENCHMARK Cohorts

The Program Coordinator will be responsible for delivering the programming included in SPLC’s BENCHMARK Cohort training program. The Program Coordinator will not be responsible for selling BENCHMARK Cohort training opportunities, though may help with that if they have the aptitude. SPLC has already sold two BENCHMARK Cohort training programs (two cohorts), both of which will have their kick-off full-day training in mid-September. If we cannot get the right Program Coordinator on board and up to speed by mid-September we have other people who can deliver the cohort programming, but ideally we will have the Program Coordinator in place by then.