SPLC Programs Overview

programs-collageReflecting its multi-stakeholder and multi-sector origins, the Council is structured as a collaborative space where organizations and individuals work together to bring clarity, consistency, and coordination to sustainable purchasing. 

Join us to leverage the deep knowledge and supportive relationship that can take your sustainable purchasing practice from an afterthought to the leading edge of your organizational sustainability efforts. 

We assist our members, wherever they start their journey, to deepen their knowledge and grow their influence by:

  • Providing guidance for program and leadership development
  • Connecting members with our knowledgeable and committed community of practice
  • Sharing real world examples of positive procurement impact
  • Offering opportunities to showcase sustainable services and products
  • Coaching members through successful strategy development and road-mapping
  • Presenting topical webinars and hands-on learning workshops all year
  • Creating opportunities for buyer and supplier engagement and innovation
  • Recognizing accomplishments through our Awards program
  • Collectively developing strategies to address cutting edge topics and challenges

In 2019 we’re announcing NEW members-only offerings to connect, prepare and support members on their sustainable purchasing journey – wherever they start!

These include:


Strategic Program Planning Process (SP3)

1:1 (or bring your team!) coaching engagement designed to help quickly and effectively develop program vision, strategy, goals and metrics. (5 sessions)


Member Action Teams

Groups that form quickly take up and address new topics or new impacts, prototyping solutions that the full membership can use and refine over time


Hands on Learning webinars

Bimonthly webinars focused on “workshopping” specific processes and strategies to tune in your program elements and get more out of your work


Enhanced Member directory

Expanded member directory listings to include skills and expertise that members are willing to share with each other.


Peer Support Groups

Small member cohorts designed for support and problem solving among peers.


These new member benefits supplement ongoing SPLC program activities, through which members share experience, codify best practices, develop staff expertise, gain insight into trends, and earn leadership recognition.

Program Activities