Public Lecture: Current and Emerging Trends in Sustainable Purchasing

Photo of Jason Pearson
Jason Pearson
Executive Director
Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

When: November 2nd, 6 pm Central
Where: The Coleman Center at DePaul University, Ste. 7900, 1 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL

Purchases made by large institutions on finished goods and services adds up to $10 trillion in the US alone. At two-thirds the US GDP, that is the largest professionally-managed demand signal driving the US economy. As such, institutional purchasing offers a huge opportunity to incorporate sustainability into global supply chains and use that economic lever to drive our society towards a more equitable, vibrant future. Many organizations are realizing this opportunity and taking steps to incorporate sustainability into their procurement processes. Come learn about 1) the reasons why organizations across sectors and regions are thinking strategically about sustainability in procurement, 2) the challenges they’re facing in actually implementing it, 2) the actions that leaders are taking to overcome those challenges, and 3) an emerging organization founded by those leaders to help this sustainable purchasing movement grow.