How mature is your sustainable purchasing program?

Organizations around the world have recognized the need to leverage purchasing to reduce their organizations’ environmental, social and economic impacts while protecting and delivering value to operations, products and services. Whether your organization is just beginning this journey or has been leading the way, a common set of questions exist:

  • What does a leading sustainable purchasing program look like?
  • How does my organization measure up to this?
  • How am I doing compared to my peers?
  • How do I most efficiently and effectively plan our organization’s next steps to become a global leader in sustainable purchasing?

SPLC provides a series of member offerings built on SPLC’s Sustainable Purchasing Maturity Model to help you get answers to these questions.

The SPLC BENCHMARK Self Assessment offers a practical approach to:

  • Inventory your sustainable purchasing program activities
  • Measure and benchmark the maturity of these activities against SPLC’s Principles of Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing and the Maturity Model for Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing
  • Leverage these findings on your own to identify strengths, opportunities, and resources for building your program, or enroll in SPLC’s “SP3” Strategic Program Planning Process for individualized coaching support to help plan your “next generation” sustainable purchasing program

How do I get started?
To obtain a free copy of the SPLC’s Inventory Worksheet and/or learn more about the above ways to engage in Benchmark, click here:

Information on the Benchmark Program


“BENCHMARK is helping us think about where we are really at, how well we are doing, and what connections we don’t have right now in relation to some of our other peer groups throughout government.” – Gary Lambert, CPO for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

“It has helped to broaden my scope and recognize an opportunity to align my department’s strategic goals with our other departments…in order to streamline efforts towards achieving common goals.“
– Devika Singh, State Research Specialist for the State of California

“[The workshop] helped us all learn about so many current activities underway and identify areas of further learning. And, the workshop identified those activities that can contribute towards a more robust sustainable procurement program. I’m optimistic that it’s also inspired folks to see what’s possible!” – Brian Goldberg, Office of Sustainability, MIT

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