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Spend Analysis for Sustainability Leadership

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Date: Friday, May 29
Time: 8:30am-12:30pm
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Registration Fee: $750*
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We are delighted to announce that the SPLC, in partnership with VitalMetrics (formerly IERS), is offering this half-day course on Sustainability Spend Analysis.

SPLC’s Guidance for Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing Version 1.0, launched in February of this year, strongly encourages organizations to conduct a Spend Analysis as a way to understand and prioritize opportunities to improve environmental, social, and economic performance within their supply chains.

This half-day course will introduce different types of sustainability-related Spend Analysis used by many organizations to understand and prioritize ‘hotspots’ in their supply chains. The course will also cover the execution of Spend Analysis, as well as interpretation and communication of results.


An organization’s various sustainability impacts arise not only from its direct interactions with its immediately surrounding environment and communities, but also (and often to a larger extent) from its purchases and the corresponding global supply chains. Understanding the social, environmental, and economic impacts of purchasing, therefore, is a crucial step toward impact reduction, and to understanding the commercial and reputational risks and opportunities latent within an organization’s supply chain. Spend Analysis allows an organization to better understand its environmental and social impacts through its supply chain. However, given the diversity of spend categories and the global scope of supply chains, conducting a Spend Analysis (SA) is a challenging prospect for many organizations.

This course will provide the methodological foundations, as well as guidance for the practical implementation of SA within an organization. Starting with the rationale for SA in the context of the SPLC’s Principles of Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing, the course will then look at how SA can be planned and executed. Other relevant topics that will be covered include: the drivers for SA, communicating SA within an organization; winning support from the management; data collection; use of external data and tools; computation and analysis; interpretation of the results, verification and assurance, engaging vendors, and communicating the results externally.

A number of high profile case studies will be presented and discussed, and participants will have opportunities to share their own challenges and potential solutions with other participants. A certificate of course completion will be issued at the end of the course.

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Course leaders

Dr. Sangwon Suh
Founder and President of VitalMetrics

Dr. Suh led the Sustainable Spend Analysis (SA) project for the General Service Administration (GSA) analyzing over $500 billion of U.S. federal government spend. Dr. Suh also served on the working group for the WRI/WBCSD’s GHG Protocol, and as a member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee 207 in its effort to develop ISO 14067. Dr. Suh has authored or co-authored three books and over 70 peer-reviewed journal articles in the area of sustainability measurement. He teaches Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Carbon Footprinting, and sustainability-related Spend Analysis.

Daniel Girdler
Executive Vice President of VitalMetrics

During the course of 12 years in the private sector, Mr. Girdler has co-founded two companies in the area of sustainability, with a focus on developing Spend Analysis services since 2008. Daniel has overseen the development of Spend Analysis systems, and has led various works of Spend Analysis, including a recently finished multi-impact category SA for Travis Perkins plc, a multi-billion dollar revenue company in the UK. Mr. Girdler joined VitalMetrics in 2014, and he currently represents VitalMetrics on both The Natural Capital Coalition (NCC), and Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC).


* Up to three scholarships are available for public sector participants.

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