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Engaging Small and Medium Suppliers to Build Sustainability Capacity: Issues and Innovations

11:35 AM  -  12:35 PM, Wednesday, May 25, 2016  |  Auditorium

Purchasers in all sectors are struggling to find effective ways to assist and support their SME supply chain partners efforts to improve, so that their own performance is not undermined. This panel will discuss the importance of supporting small, medium, and diverse suppliers to enhance and improve their sustainability capabilities.

Increasingly, purchasing organizations are paying more attention to their supply chain partners’ sustainability performance. A recent CDP Supply Chain Report focused on the issue of supplier performance, finding a number of challenges and issues that are receiving more attention. These include suppliers capacity to measure GHG emissions and set performance targets, and to understand and make meaningful commitments in the areas of human rights protection and anti-discrimination measures. These challenges are particularly daunting for SMEs who lack resources and capacity in this area.¬†

The panel will consider the issue from the perspectives of both private sector and public sector purchasers. Each purchaser will address the growing need to support and assist suppliers, and how they are approaching it. The session will then highlight some innovative tools and resources that have been developed to engage, educate and support suppliers to build capacity and improve performance. Finally, the session will feature an open discussion about ways SPLC members can support small- and mid-sized, and diverse suppliers. The focused conversation will include providing feedback that could help improve the tools available to small, mid-sized and diverse suppliers.


Click here to view handout on US Environmental Protection Agency Sustainability Tools.

Session Category :  Providing Sustainable Purchasing Training/Education  Supplier Diversity  Supplier Engagement/Development  Supplier Evaluation/Scorecarding