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ISO 20400: The New International Standard for Sustainable Procurement

1:35 PM  -  2:35 PM, Wednesday, May 25, 2016  |  Room 6

ISO 20400, the new international standard for sustainable procurement, is in the final stages of completion, with international participation from nearly 50 countries and international NGOs such as OECD, UN, and SPLC. The standard aims to assist the public and private sector, including large, medium and small companies, in progressing in sustainable procurement.

This panel will include an examination of the fundamental principles, top management guidelines, enablers for procurement transformation, and procurement process implementation included in the standard. Additionally, an analysis of the parallels and differences between the ISO standard and the SPLC Guidance will be presented.

Speakers will provide examples of how a public or private organization could use the ISO standard to help guide their purchasing, including how to set priorities, perform due diligence, monitor risk, and link sustainable procurement with international guidance from the UN, OECD, and SPLC. Speakers will also give examples on how sustainable procurement issues may vary depending on the country or organization, how the standard can be used in each area, and present the next steps to finalization.