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Kicking Toxic Chemicals Out of the Work Environment: Purchasing Healthier Furniture to Create a Healthier Environment

3:00 PM  -  4:00 PM, Wednesday, May 25, 2016  |  Room 7

All furniture is not created equal. Many leading organizations are seeking to procure products that avoid hazardous and often unnecessary chemicals including toxic flame retardants, persistent stain repellants, formaldehyde, unnecessary antimicrobials and more. Many of these chemicals escape out of furniture and can be widely found in humans and the environment. Given the longevity of these products in our environment, the purchasing choices made by organizations are key to promoting a safe and healthy environment. Finding furniture that meets regulatory requirements while also being environmentally preferable is often not an easy task. This presentation will inform you about the chemicals and materials of concern used in furniture, ways to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals and introduce you to new purchaser tools that can guide your institution in identifying and procuring safer products. The case study will reveal how a large purchaser is reducing the use of the targeted chemical of concerns and will share their important lessons learned. Procuring furniture without these unnecessary chemicals is a cost-neutral or even cost-saving option and makes a great sustainability story for your organization.

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