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Aimee currently serves as Coordinator for the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (www.responsiblemining.net), a broad-based effort to create a standard for socially and environmentally responsible mining around the globe (a parallel to the Forest Stewardship Council and Marine Stewardship Council). She previously served as Coordinator for the Western Mining Action Network (www.wman-info.org), an association of more than 100 community-based groups across the US and Canada working to reduce the negative impacts of industrial-scale mining in their home communities. Aimee has been Program Director for the Institute for Children’s Environmental Health and Executive Director for Women’s Voices for the Earth, both national organizations reducing environmental links human illness. Over the last two decades her work has focused on environmental health, women’s leadership, and resource extraction issues. She specializes in communications between diverse networks of scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals, nonprofit advocates, businesses, government agencies and citizens striving toward common goals.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Responsible Mining and the Products We Use Everyday
Room 5
4:15 PM  -  5:15 PM