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Elena Bliemel

Media Supplies and Solutions Environmental Manager

Elena’s interest in “green” product design has begun while she worked in the chemistry industry on the development of surface finishing solutions for defense-aerospace and decorative applications. In these water-intensive applications, environmentally sound waste treatment has posed a challenge, and Elena has taken on the development of techniques to minimize multi-dimensional impacts of heavy metals in waste streams. Elena has later moved into environmental management role helping her clients to optimize industrial waste generation to achieve zero-effluent status. In the past 15 years she has observed a gradual industry change that shifted the focus from optimizing waste treatment to the design of products for the environment. Products designed with the environment in mind address pollution concerns at broader levels. Elena joined HP eight years ago in environmental product steward role to oversee the business that puts printing substrates on the market. During this tenure, her team has added FSC-certified papers to HP’s portfolio of products that has reached 50% of FSC-certified HP-branded products by tonnage in 2014.

Elena has a master’s degree in chemical engineering and several IT certifications.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Deforestation-Free Supply Chains: How to Achieve Net Zero Deforestation?
Executive Boardroom
1:35 PM  -  2:35 PM