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Jenny Carney


Jenny is a Principal at YR&G, a sustainability consulting firm, and President of BIT Building, a non-profit initiative to bring a simple sustainable buildings operations program to a broad audience. She’s been working in the realm of sustainability in the built environment since 2004, pivoting from her early work as a field ecologist. Jenny has been deeply involved in the development of the LEED-EBOM Rating System, dating back to the initial pilot phase in 2004, and is using that base of experience to consider market-based opportunities to scale the uptake of sustainability best practices across the built environment.Jenny frequently delivers presentations and trainings pertaining to green buildings, sustainability, and LEED to local, regional, national, and international audiences. Prior to joining the green building community, Jenny worked as a terrestrial ecology and climate change researcher, environmental program developer and manager, and community-based environmental outreach specialist.


Thursday, May 26, 2016
14. Building Portfolios: Overcoming Barriers to Cost Savings & Impact Reductions
10:40 AM  -  12:10 PM