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Jessica Rosman

VP of Procurement

Jessica Rosman, Vice President of Procurement for Caesars Entertainment, brings valuable experience and perspective to the panel through her expertise in sustainability, supplier diversity, and the hospitality industry. Her work is focused on operational efficiency programs as well as maintaining Caesars’ commitment to a diversified pool of vendors and working with developing businesses to help them grow.   She is an integral part of Caesars Entertainment’s CodeGreen and Sourcing Teams, driving recycling programs and creating corporate contracts across 37 properties.

Combining diversity and sustainability into her sourcing role, Rosman leads the company’s efforts in identifying, recruiting and positioning a diverse group of entrepreneurs to grow their business in innovative ways through mentor protégé relationships.

Prior to joining Caesars in 2008, Rosman consulted for smaller Mexican enterprises on behalf of the Government of Mexico in the areas of Brand and CSR.  A native Las Vegan, she is involved in the Boys and Girls Clubs, Ya Es Hora, Water Conservation Coalition, Nevada US Green Building Council (USGBC), JewEL Leadership program and the Clean the World program.

She has an MBA from Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management and was active in their Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise.  She received her bachelor’s degree in International Development Studies from UCLA and was selected as a 2007 Fulbright Scholar in Mexico to further her work making Mexican companies more efficient and better CSR partners.