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Kianda Franklin

Standards Development Liaison for Sustainability

Kianda Franklin is a Standards Development Liaison for Sustainability at NSF International under the National Center for Sustainability Standards (NCSS). She currently manages the NSF 391.1, NSF 347, NSF 332, NSF 342, BIFMA e3, NSC 373, NSF 336 and NSF 355 standards. Primary duties includes manage the development and continuous improvement of NSF technical standards and procedures and identify new standards development, guidance documents, protocol and other criteria opportunities. Prior to joining the standards development team, Kianda was a Senior Project Manager for NSF’s Sustainability Program. She served as the main contact for client pursing certification. Participated in the development process of NSF sustainability standards and performed document reviews/audits for 2nd party sustainability standards. She also launched several NSF Sustainability programs. Kianda has been with NSF since 2007 and has a BS in I.T. at Michigan State University, a MS in I.T. and a MBA at Colorado Technical University