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Steven Hitov

General Counsel

Steve Hitov is a graduate of the New York University School of Law. He has 40 years experience as a Litigation Director and Managing Attorney in legal services programs in New York, Massachusetts and Florida, and for the past 20 years has also served as the General Counsel of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), a Florida”based human rights organization devoted to community education and leadership development among farmworkers. With and on behalf of the CIW, Mr. Hitov has negotiated binding agreements insuring supply chain transparency and accountability with twelve of this country’s largest corporate purchasers of produce. These agreements form the legal foundation for the Fair Food Program, a unique collaboration among workers, growers and retailers that has created a better, more sustainable tomato industry, one that, among many other human rights advances, boasts a workplace free of the forced labor and sexual harassment that plague the American agricultural sector