Attendee Reviews


SPLC’s Summit is one of the most dynamic and informative events that I attend. Great networking.
– Debbie Jaslow-Shatz, Sourcing Specialist, Bloomberg

I learned a ton at the Summit and I look forward to the continued education and growth through our collaboration. 
– Cade Clanton, Sourcing Specialist, FedEx

Networking and comparing notes with others in similar roles in other jurisdictions is invaluable.
– Lynda Rankin, Manager, Sustainable Procurement, Province of Nova Scotia, Canada

The conference was nicely planned and managed, and I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and networking.
– Mark Mills, Executive Director, Purchasing, University of Pennsylvania

This is absolutely the best conference of this type that I have attended. I really appreciated the amount of time dedicated to networking, and that this was interspersed throughout the conference.
– Michelle Bhattacharyya, Coordinator, Global Living Wage Coalition

I had an opportunity to meet true sustainability leaders who care about not only what happens within their organizations, in addition, to the external impacts their purchasing decisions have on our society. This represents true value in my network.
– Nadine Cino, CEO & Co-Founder, Tygabox

There is not an event that I am aware of that brings such a range of stakeholders together. To be able to connect with purchasers, suppliers, NGO’s and other advocates and build a community of conscious together gives me hope for a more sustainable future.
– Billy Linstead Goldsmith, National Coordinator, FairTrade USA

I found all the panels and keynote addresses relevant and valuable. The participants all added value and confirmed the direction taken by my firm while helping us develop next steps. I was particularly pleased to meet with some of the software providers and look forward to working with at least one of them to take our sustainable sourcing program to the next level.
– Diana Rosenberger, Sustainable Manager, Shaw Industries, Inc.

The SPLC Summit is a “must go” for anyone attempting to address sustainability in procurement. This is where the thinking happens, the connections are made and the march toward progress is centered.
– Robert Kuhn, Senior Director, Kuhn Associates, LLC

One of the goals I had coming to the Summit was to learn more about renewable energy procurement strategies, which I have found confusing in the past. By attending several sessions and having nearly a dozen face-to-face conversations with experts in the field, I feel that I finally understand how to advise RPN members on this issue.
– Alicia Culver, Responsible Purchasing Network

This event was one of the best I have attended. The mix of events kept the event fresh. Every time I sat at a table I was able to learn something or make a connection. Breakfast, lunch and dinner!
– Barbara Hagan, Office of Campus Sustainability, University of Michigan

I’ve attended all three Summits, and I’m always impressed at how the Council is able to engage participants in conversation through their innovative session designs. They allow plenty of time for structured sharing, and foster dialogues across sectors and disciplines to enrich the experience for everyone. These complement the formal panel presentations and make for a fast-paced and rewarding day of learning and networking.
– Karen Cook, Sustainability Project Manager, General Services, County of Alameda

Summit Partners

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