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Creating a Sustainable Purchasing Culture: Leveraging a Better Toolkit to Motivate Behavior Change

10:10am  -  11:10am, Wednesday, May 10, 2017  |  Tower Court C

Even equipped with the best sustainable purchasing policy and plan, organizations are often frustrated in their efforts to meaningfully implement sustainable purchasing. One main reason for this is that motivating behaviour change is not easy, particularly when communicating with purchasers and other employees who experience increasing communication fatigue and who are faced with busy schedules and competing priorities. What does an organization look like when they have fully adopted a sustainable purchasing culture? Who is engaged, and how do they put sustainable purchasing into practice? We’ll define this end state, and explore methods for getting there. Learn about and work with the most effective techniques for creating behaviour change, and gain an understanding of how comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, tools are key leverage points this process that are often over-looked.