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Developing an Integrated Sustainable Procurement Program: Formalizing Your Efforts, Balancing Priorities, and Measuring for Success

11:35am  -  12:35pm, Tuesday, May 9, 2017  |  Tower Court B
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Sustainable procurement programs range from informal to formal, opportunistic to strategic, unorganized to integrated. SPLC recommends establishing a formal, strategic program to increase the chances of achieving the benefits of sustainable purchasing. Establishing a formal program also allows an organization to identify and balance diverse priorities and report on outcomes. In this presentation, the State of Minnesota’s Chief Procurement Officer and Sustainable Procurement Program Coordinator will share their experience using the SPLC’s Guidance 2.0 to transition Minnesota’s informal, opportunistic environmentally preferable purchasing program to a more formal, strategic, integrated sustainable procurement program. The benefits of making this transition, using the SPLC Guidance as a guidepost, will be outlined in a way that allows attendees to return to their organizations ready to take similar action. To demonstrate how Minnesota manages diverse program priorities, the presentation will also review two elements of Minnesota’s Sustainable Procurement Program: (1) Diversity and Inclusion training for purchasers (including an interactive demonstration!) and (2) involvement in the State’s enterprise sustainability efforts. Since measurement of outcomes and communication of benefits is critical to all successful programs, the presentation will conclude with a discussion of current reporting capabilities, the importance of communicating benefits anecdotally, and the challenges and opportunities for reporting and measuring the benefits of sustainable purchasing.