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Embedding Sustainable Purchasing Across a Global Enterprise: 2 Case Studies

3:10pm  -  4:10pm, Tuesday, May 9, 2017  |  Tower Court D

Leveraging a Shared Services Sourcing Model to Impact Supplier Sustainability
Presenter: Pat Hopper
Three years ago FedEx transformed its sourcing and procurement organization, shifting from a decentralized sourcing process with each operating company retaining individual sourcing and procurement groups to a shared services sourcing and procurement organization supporting all of the operating companies within the enterprise. Along this journey the decision was made to create their Supplier Relationship Management team with a focus on five key fields: sustainability, diversity, risk, category management, and supplier evaluations. This dedicated team member focus has delivered tools, processes, and education incorporating sustainability into the holistic approach to category management. The holistic approach focuses on four main areas: category strategy, a refined four step sourcing process, supplier evaluations, and business reviews. Due to the criteria that has been outlined within each focus area three issues have been directly impacted:

  • The ability to address commodity and supplier sustainability focus
  • The ability to develop strategic relationships with diverse
  • he ability to streamline our data collection and analysis for CSR
    related metrics

By continuing to leverage the relationships that are formed with our business teams and our suppliers, we will continue to be able to excel in the above mentioned areas as well as discover opportunities and develop solutions across a much broader spectrum as we continue on our journey.

An Overview of AT&T’s Approach to Engaging Suppliers on Sustainable Business Practices
Presenter: Stephen Bernard
This presentation provides an overview of AT&T’s approach to engaging suppliers on sustainable business practices and includes useful information that could be applied by other companies. We will cover the foundation and building block elements of our Supplier Sustainability program, from the AT&T Principles of Conduct for Suppliers, to our 2020 and 2025 public supply chain goals in our corporate sustainability “Roadmap to 2025” (www.about.att.com/csr/goals). Suppliers are expected to apply a continuous improvement approach, including adding value through innovative products and services, reducing wasteful practices, improving energy efficiency, reducing their carbon footprint, improving sustainable packaging, and improving diversity, ethics, labor practices and social responsibilities in operations.

Our supplier assessments and scorecards cover suppliers’ policies, goals, reporting and governance of the supply chain in areas like energy, environment, health and safety, GHG and labor practices. Measurement through these assessments and scorecards are key for suppliers’ performance improvements and for driving positive change in the supply chain.

Recognizing that one company cannot do it alone to address our global issues in sustainable business practices, we will discuss how we are working with our industry peers including CDP, QuEST Forum and the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC).