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Furniture Transformed: Circular Economy Models in Action

11:35am  -  12:35pm, Wednesday, May 10, 2017  |  Tower Court B
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As a vision for the future, the circular economy is ground-breaking. However, organizations world-wide continue to struggle with the actual design and implementation of circular models that offer a strong and marketable business case. How to transform markets to enable more sustainable built environments remains a critical question for many stakeholders. 

The successful partnership forged between Staples, Davies Office, and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) offers new insight into the motivation, strategy, and tactics that will be needed to foster industry-led market transformation. As an example of circular business models and sustainable business innovation, key leaders from Staples and Davies Office will discuss the rationale, strategy, and key implementation tenets of their partnership to bring remanufactured office furniture into the mainstream business-to-business commercial interiors market.

Discussion points will include the innovative approaches used to drive increased awareness and penetration of remanufactured office furniture, the results of a Life-Cycle Assessment of a Davies Office remanufactured workspace, and real case study examples. The panel will help attendees understand not only the benefits of circular business models and processes, but also the related economic and sustainability benefits to stakeholders throughout the supply chain. Supported by innovative research into sustainable manufacturing and resource efficiency led by RIT and its partners, this collaboration has enabled the quantification of circular business model benefits, and has highlighted the values-based connection and interdependency between producer, distributor, and customer that will help to trigger accelerated awareness, demand and market transformation.

Session Category :  Circular Economy