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How to Leverage Deep Relationships Across Your Supply Chain to Promote Clients’ Sustainability Initiatives

4:20pm  -  5:20pm, Tuesday, May 9, 2017  |  Tower Court B
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Through JLL’s sustainability leadership framework, Building a Better Tomorrow, sustainability is embedded into everything it does. Building a Better Tomorrow is about creating spaces, buildings and cities where everyone can thrive. This vision extends to JLL’s supply chain which includes a significant amount of procurement on behalf of clients. Worldwide JLL manages 4 billion square feet of space for clients and has a total 3rd party spend of $30 billion (USD). This panel discussion will focus on how JLL leverages the size of its supply chain to drive more sustainable practices through influencing and supporting clients’ sustainability goals, and develops deep partnerships to improve its own suppliers’ sustainability practices.

JLL, along with clients and partners, will share case studies that demonstrate how JLL is currently supporting its clients’ sustainability goals. An example will be provided on the partnership that JLL and Shaw Industries have created, which allowed DIRECTV to obtain Haze EcoWorx Tile that contains 44% recycled content and is 100% recyclable. This resulted in the diversion of around 129,600 pounds (58,800 kg) from landfill while saving nearly USD $76,900 from the original market cost. This case study and others will enable participants to walk away with best practices that they can apply to their supply chains. In addition, JLL will discuss how it is using third party partnerships such as EcoVadis, and the valuable data aggregation services they provide, to support its suppliers’ sustainability performance.