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Innovation Accelerator

1:45pm  -  2:45pm, Tuesday, May 9, 2017  |  Grand Ballroom

The Innovation Accelerator session features multiple simultaneous roundtable presentations and discussions. The roundtable topics are innovative projects and concepts that are ready to be launched, joined, expanded, replicated, or shared for thoughtful feedback! Each 25 minute roundtable discussion will include a 10 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of discussion. Attendees will claim a seat at roundtable topics of greatest interest to them. The roundtable discussions will repeat two times, so that participants can attend two topics and presenters can engage with two groups of participants.

Innovative Strategies for Renewable Energy Buying Syndicates
Presenter: Jason Wykoff

Quantifying Sustainable Spend of Lab Supplies and Equipment
Presenter: Rashmi Sahai

Growing Impact Sourcing
Presenter: Tim Hopper

How to Use and Influence Cooperative Purchasing Agreements
Presenter: Alicia Culver

Pollinator-Friendly Purchasing
Presenters: Chris Geiger and Rella Abernathy

Surveys only Serve the Surveyor: Technology and Democracy at the Bottom of the Supply Chain
Presenter: John Rooks

SPLC and TSC: Strategic Partners Driving Better Decision Making of Institutional Purchases
Presenters: Sarah Lewis and Jason Pearson

Growing the Use of Total Cost of Ownership
Presenter: Brian Werner

Creating Healthier Workplaces and Employees Through Safer Furniture Purchasing
Presenter: Judy Levin

Sustainability in Maintenance, Repair, and Operations: Sharing State of Massachusetts’ Framework
Presenter: Julia Wolfe

Developing NSF 391.1 ANSI Sustainability Standard for Professional Services
Presenters: Allison Skinner and John Edelman

Harmonizing Purchaser Questionnaires to Address the Social Impacts of IT Products
Presenters: Nancy Gillis and Andrea Desimone

Driving Industry-Level Change: Success Factors in the Utility Sector
Presenter: Chris Peterson

Change Management: Using Electronic Reverse-Auctions To Drive Adoption of Innovative Best Practices in Sustainable Purchasing
Presenter: Scott Patterson

ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement Standard is Done. Let’s put it to use!
Presenter: Nora Neibergall

Sales Teams: The Key to Connecting Your Sustainability Efforts with Customers
Presenter: Molly Ray, Office Depot

Coming Full Circle: Purchasing in the Circular Economy
Presenter: John Ortiz, HP

EPA Sustainability Prioritization Tool
Presenter: Priscilla Halloran