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Making It Easy: Free Tools that Simplify Finding Credible Sustainable Products

10:10am  -  11:10am, Wednesday, May 10, 2017  |  Tower Court A
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How SF Requires City staff to Sit on Dirt Floors and Gets Vendors to Sell Real Green Products
Presenters: Jessian Choy and Judy Levin (20 minutes)

Learn how easy it can be for your organization to buy less-toxic, green products. The dream is real!

  • Try SFApproved.org products and vendors.
  • Require vendors to display green products and not show or sell prohibited products online.
  • Copy San Francisco’s innovative regulations and contract language (including carpet and furniture).

Making it Easy: High Performance Procurement without the Pain
Presenters: Tom Reardon, Michael Bloom, Andrea Desimone and Paul Shahriari (40 minutes)
Public and private procurement professionals spend hours ensuring their purchases meet project requirements for environmentally preferable products. Manufacturers and vendors need a clear and trusted platform to provide the up-to-date information buyers need about whether products meet the specifications they seek. The General Services Administration (GSA) believes this critical information should live in one easy-to-search place, so they expanded their highly regarded Sustainable Facilities Tool (SFTool) to include SFTool Product Search to streamline sustainable product procurement for Federal agencies AND the general public. Now, instead of spending inordinate amounts of time chasing down data from the far reaches of the internet, anyone can visit SFTool Product Search. The Search simplifies and streamlines the specifying and buying process, saving everyone time, money, and effort. Other green product databases exist, but none cover the breadth of the industry and federal requirements and offer automatic documentation of products for rating systems like LEED and WELL.

The Search includes SFTool’s Green Procurement Compilation (GPC) – a resource that consolidates and organizes federal green purchasing requirements (e.g. Energy Star, Watersense). The underlying platform for the Search, built by ecomedes, leverages data from across the green building community, including manufacturer product specification and materials data, federal and industry ecolabels and standards, third-party certification requirements, green building rating systems like LEED, and federally mandated procurement standards. Ecomedes connects all these disparate data sources in one place.