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Procuring Products Made with Safer Chemicals

10:10am  -  11:10am, Wednesday, May 10, 2017  |  Tower Court B
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Of the thousands of chemicals used in products and manufacturing today, only a small percentage have been tested for environmental and human health impacts. The retail, IT, health care and apparel sectors are working to identify and eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals. Learn how purchasers can make more informed decisions that drive the identification of safer alternatives.

Mark S. Rossi from Clean Production Action will describe the GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals hazard assessment tool and Chemical Footprint Project, helping purchasers answer three questions:

1. are you selecting products that contain safer chemicals,

2. Do you have chemicals of high concern in your products? and

3. What is your organization’s Chemical Footprint Project score?

Sören Enholm from TCO Development will discuss a new approach to reducing the content of hazardous flame retardants in IT products, as included in the TCO Certified sustainability certification. This hazard assessment approach, using GreenScreen, has achieved greater transparency of safer flame retardant, with a public list of safer alternatives. Enholm will present results of the 2016 review of chemicals criteria.

Sarah O’Brien from the Clean Electronics Production Network looks more closely at the current challenges with process chemicals in electronics manufacturing, that expose electronics workers to significant health risks. O’Brien will discuss the work of the CEPN in eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals in production processes through substitution and process changes. O’Brien will also discuss how purchasers directly impact these efforts to drive change and protect electronics workers health and safety.