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Purchasing with End of Life in Mind: Diversion, Zero-Waste, and Pre-thinking Product Design

11:35am  -  12:35pm, Wednesday, May 10, 2017  |  Tower Court A
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Case Studies for Operationalizing a Zero Waste Initiative
Presenters: David Rachelson and Brian Werner
Hear examples and case studies about right-sizing and optimization of purchased goods and packaging, food waste minimization strategies, and supply chain enhancements. Participants will learn how to both optimize cost-savings and deliver environmental impact in the form of higher landfill diversion and learn best practices when tracking sustainability metrics embedded in purchasing decisions.

Closing the Loop on Landfill Diversion in Laboratories
Presenters: Ilyssa Gordon and Kelly Weisinger
Laboratories in the private, public, and non-profit sector are major sources of solid waste materials generated by America’s leading research, healthcare, and teaching institutions, who have prioritized comprehensive sustainability goals. The sustainable disposal of laboratory materials used in research, teaching, and patient care is time intensive for researchers, and requires partnerships with numerous operations entities and external groups. Many lab landfill diversion programs are understaffed and depend upon the commitment of students and volunteers, and are seeking a closed loop starting with product manufacturing and procurement with landfill diversion in mind. Laboratories need more options to purchase products that are designed to reduce the amount of waste generated both in the shipping of materials and in the consumption of materials Presented by experts from the Cleveland Clinic and Emory University, this presentation will delve into materials waste management problems faced by research and clinical laboratories. Highlighting challenges experienced, opportunities observed, and creativity and problem-solving harnessed to successfully minimize waste and divert the flow of laboratory solid waste materials, the conversation will be framed around: 1) Product development to minimize waste entering the laboratory and with thought given to future disposal; and 2) Identifying resources and building community partnerships for successful downstream materials management. Our experts will then lead the audience in an interactive dialogue to brainstorm solutions and industry innovations that can support landfill diversion in laboratories, contributing to a collective conversation that informs and spurs industry innovation resulting in tangible materials that support SPLC’s mission and community of


Session Category :  Circular Economy