A Buyer-Supplier Matchmaking Event


SPLC Connect is a sustainability-focused buyer-supplier matchmaking event that takes place just before SPLC’s Summits. The event introduces purchasers to innovative suppliers who have earned the esteem of the sustainability-savvy purchasing professionals involved in the Council. Conceived of and organized by leading SPLC Purchaser members, this event serves the needs of buyers as well as innovative suppliers seeking opportunities to grow their organization’s through sustainability!

View the participant profiles from last year’s Connect event.

Participant Feedback

Important Dates
December 1, 2017: Registration opened

March 1, 2018: Attendees to populate matchmaking profiles 

March 16, 2018: One-on-one meeting booking period begins!

May 14, 2018: Connect Matchmaking Event 

“Unlike all other matchmaking events I have attended, all the players at the event had a shared interest in sustainability. This meant we shared a much more sincere interest in finding ways to work together than in other matchmaker situations.”

“The SPLC Connect was very successful–I only signed up for 4 connections and I wish I would have committed to more.”

“Thought this was a great way to network with vendors. Learned a lot in a short period of time.”

“It’s a great ice-breaker at the beginning of the summit.”

“I had three impromptu meetings and found two of them to be very valuable.”

“It is an opportunity to get someone’s undivided attention, which is hard to do in hallway breaks where conversations can be cut short by the movement of people to and fro.”

“Great way to meet folks I might not otherwise have met during the summit. I also got a lot of value out of the roundtable discussions – glad those were 30 min.”

“I was impressed, a very well done event and I will participate again.”


Buyers: FREE!
Suppliers (SPLC Member): $250*
Suppliers (Non-members): $450*^

*Suppliers will only be asked to pay this fee after their application has been approved by the Planning Committee. After approval, you will be sent a link to pay, after which point your profile will go live and you can participate in requesting and accepting meeting invitations. Please do not book travel until your place in the matchmaking event has been confirmed

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Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable Discussion sessions are thirty-five minute topical conversations between up to 10 participants. You can choose to join a topical Roundtable Discussion instead of participating in one-on-ones throughout the day. This can be a nice way to meet multiple people at one time who have a common interest in a specific topic. It can also just be a nice break from participating in one-on-ones. 

Measuring the Environmental, Social, and Economic Impact of Sustainable Purchasing
Stakeholders love measurable, tangible results. Measure the impacts of your organization’s sustainable purchasing efforts can yield a number of positive benefits, but it can be hard to do. Come ready to share experiences and discuss.

Engaging Suppliers Around Sustainability
Purchasers, how do you engage your suppliers around sustainability? Suppliers, how do you want to be engaged? What’s most effective? Join this discussion to learn what other participants are trying and share your experiences.  

Supplier Sustainability Rating & Evaluation
Purchasers, how do you rate/evaluate your suppliers around sustainability? Suppliers, how do you want to be evaluated? What’s most effective? Join this discussion to learn what other participants are trying and share your experiences. 

Making the Business Case for Sustainable Purchasing
A common barrier to sustainable purchasing is the perception that it always costs more. But perception is not always reality. Come discuss with other Connect participants how to make the business case for sustainable purchasing.

Sustainability Certifications, Standards, and Labels
The number of sustainability certifications and standards in the marketplace can be overwhelming. But they are a critical enabler of sustainable procurement for many organizations. How can members of the SPLC community make sense of the sustainability standards landscape and help improve the quality and coverage of sustainability standards.

Advancing Safer Chemicals in Products
The toxicity of products and their effects on human health is coming under increased scrutiny. What actions can purchasers and suppliers take to make products safer? Come ready to share experiences and join the discussion.  

Zero Waste, Recycling, and the Circular Economy 
Zero Waste and the Circular Economy are increasingly hot topics in the field of sustainability. How can organizations realistically incorporate them into business practices? Do they always make sense? Come ready to share experiences and discuss.


We wish to appreciate the Procurement Division of the City of Ghent, Belgium, for hosting an excellent buyer-supplier matchmaking event during the 2014 EcoProcura Conference. The success of that event inspired SPLC Connect. Learn more about the City of Ghent’s sustainable purchasing work