Monday Night Dine Arounds (Optional)

Monday, May 14 | 6:30pm  –  8:30pm

Off-site at Various Locations

The SPLC 2018 Summit has arranged the opportunity to enjoy dinner with fellow attendees at one of several restaurants, included in the map on the right, at 6:30pm on Monday, May 14. You must confirm your participation via your conference registration form; however, payment will be directly collected by the restaurant at the conclusion of the evening.

There is no fee except the cost of your meal. Each diner will order off the regular restaurant menu and be required to pay for their own meal via separate check at the end of the meal. This can be a great way to get to know other attendees before the big event starts Tuesday morning.

How do I sign up for a Dine Around?

1. Visit and login to your registration account.

You will receive an auto-generated email with your registration access link.

If you created a password, but cannot remember the code, click “Forgot Your Password” and an email will be sent with login information.

2. Once you are on your account overview page, click the blue “Add’l Events & Tickets” link in the edit section.

3. You may add “Dine Around Minneapolis” here. Once selected, please indicate your restaurant of choice.

4. Click “Continue” and it will direct you to the checkout page.

5. You will receive an email confirmation upon completion of your transaction.


Click on the icons in the map below for information on the dining options!