Gay Gordon-Byrne

Executive Director, The Repair Association

Gay is the Executive Director of Repair.org, a non-profit umbrella organization connecting the business of high-tech repair- from cell phones to tractors and mainframes. She was selected to this position because of her 40+ years of experience contracting for large IT equipment as documented in her book “Buying, Supporting, and Maintaining Software and Equipment – an IT Managers Guide to Controlling the Product Lifecycle”.

Her technical background includes training in systems engineering, systems software support, and a bit of machine programming. She became expert in contracts through negotiating thousands of sales, purchase, licensing, and lease agreements with Fortune 500 clients. For many years she was also a Business Partner representing IBM, CISCO, EMC, HP, STC (now Oracle) Hitachi, Fujitsu, and many others each with their own contracts and policies. Over the years she has evaluated, selected and monitored partner services to manage end of life processing including audits, data destruction, and recycling. She has recently been part of an EPEAT evaluation of future server recycling standards through NSF.

The past 6 years have put Gay in the center of discussions with legislators, trade associations and opposition lobbyists examining and debunking the many myths and outright distortions made in defense of repair monopolies.

Gay still maintains an independent consulting business, North River Technology Solutions now in its 11th year.   She tries to walk the talk and recently repaired her laptop and dishwasher but refused to pay $600 for a part to a $600 microwave and bought a replacement instead.