Judy Panayos

Sr. Director of Sustainability in Supply Management, Sodexo

Judy Panayos is the Sr. Director of Sustainability in Supply Management at Sodexo with responsibilities for sustainability and corporate responsibility in supply.   Judy works to incorporate internal and client goals for sustainability and corporate responsibility into sourcing strategies including local sourcing, sustainable products, responsible supply chain practices and sustainability innovation. Previously, Judy worked in medical device manufacturing at Becton Dickinson (BD). Over the 10+ years at BD, Judy had oversight of various supplier programs including Sustainable Procurement, Supplier Diversity, Supplier Risk, Supplier Quality Management, and Supplier Recognition. She also held positions in Strategic Sourcing, Planning, Distribution, Transportation and Customer Service.  Previous to BD, Judy has over fifteen years of experience in key roles in Performing Arts Logistics Management, including urban renewal projects including government, industry and non-profit partnerships.  Judy has a Corporate Responsibility certificate and an M.B.A. from Rutgers University and a B.F.A. from New York University.

My Sessions

Some exciting news coming out of the sustainability movement these days is that leading organizations are increasingly using their talent and purchasing power to help steward the health of “the commons”: shared resources that belong to no one but which we all depend on, such as clean water and air, fisheries, local workforces, and well-functioning markets. Organizations … read more >>


This session open to Private Sector Purchasers only. Sometimes the most valuable part of a conference occurs when you have an opportunity to just talk with your peers and hear about the challenges they are facing, share solutions, and hear what they are doing to keep moving forward. This session is an opportunity to gather … read more >>

Interactive Workshop

When developing sustainability strategies for complicated products with global supply chains, multi-stakeholder partnerships are key to making progress. Sustainable Seafood is a challenging category for global Quality of Life provider Sodexo as they provide food service in a variety of sectors globally. A balanced approach to the environmental and social concerns of the category was … read more >>

Panel Presentation