Julia Wolfe

Director of Environmental Purchasing, Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Operational Services Division

Julia is the Director of Environmental Purchasing at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Operational Services Division. She began at OSD three years ago, and works to integrate environmental specifications into statewide contracts. She recently led a multi-state procurement for Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products, Programs, Equipment and Supplies. Julia previously worked for the US EPA’s R1 Office in California in both the Pollution Prevention and Toxics and the Solid Waste Programs, and then returned to the east coast to work with the Commonwealth’s Department of Environmental Protection in their Waste Programs Division and then with the Toxics and Hazards Program before joining OSD.

My Sessions

How do you credibly make the business case for sustainable purchasing when there is limited data tracking sustainable spend? In making the case to do more sustainable purchasing, or in reporting on the outcomes that have been achieved, program leaders are often called upon to demonstrate the cost savings or economic outcomes of their work. … read more >>

Panel Presentation

This session open to Public Sector Purchasers only. This session is an opportunity for public sector procurement and policy professionals to troubleshoot sustainable procurement challenges, brainstorm solutions with a “guru,” and seek guidance from other public sector attendees who may have faced (and overcome!) similar challenges. Aside from troubleshooting, gurus will discuss how to sustain … read more >>

Interactive Workshop