Karen Hamilton

Environmental Purchasing Program Manager, King County, Washington

Karen Hamilton is the Environmental Purchasing Program Manager for King County Procurement and Payables in Seattle, Washington. Under her leadership, King County agencies are institutionalizing the purchase of many environmentally preferable products and realizing fiscal, environmental and social benefits in the process. Her program has won numerous awards and has been presented as a model for other jurisdictions in various publications and at national and international conferences. King County is a founding member of the Responsible Purchasing Network and the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council.

My Sessions

This session open to Public Sector Purchasers only. This session is an opportunity for public sector procurement and policy professionals to troubleshoot sustainable procurement challenges, brainstorm solutions with a “guru,” and seek guidance from other public attendees who may have faced (and overcome!) similar challenges. Aside from troubleshooting, gurus will discuss how to sustain motivation … read more >>

Interactive Workshop