Lauren Asplen

Director of Healthy Sustainability Programs, BlueGreen Alliance

Lauren Asplen, Director of Healthy Sustainability Programs, manages the Building Clean project, which encourages the purchase of local and healthier energy efficient products. Her environmental work started with the 1990 Earth Tech fair on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. She would go on to spearhead a program that gained White House recognition as a “Champion of Change” for engaging front-line workers in identifying energy efficiency opportunities. Lauren attended the first Harvard University/USBGC executive certificate program on Building for Health in 2016. At BGA, her work focuses on hazardous chemicals in building products.

My Sessions

With growing awareness of the connection between health, productivity, and indoor air quality, many purchasers and specifiers are starting to look more closely at materials used to construct, fit-out, clean, and decorate buildings. This session we will hear authentic stories from manufacturers of the challenges and best practices associated with becoming chemically transparent, and from … read more >>

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