Marcel Jacobs

Director Supplier Sustainability, Royal Philips

In his current role as director supplier sustainability he is working within Royal Philips’ Group Procurement. After developing an innovative and leading Sustainable Supply Chain strategy 2020, he is managing specific programs like Supplier Sustainability Performance (‘beyond audits’), Circular Procurement to support Philips’ ambition to deliver 100% circular solutions by 2025, Responsible sourcing programs through collaborative stakeholder engagement at origin (mines) or minerals. Through a ground breaking SSP – Beyond audit approach, Royal Philips increased transparency, achieved higher levels of supplier engagement achieving structural impact in its value chain. Furthermore his expertise and experience cover creation of various tools for example a supply chain risk model based on environmental and social/ethical aspects to support procurement and supply chain identifying hotspots as well as opportunities beyond tier one suppliers. Another example was a green product identification and reporting tool that supported sales and marketing to increase value add and increase transparency towards customers on identifying green office products. Since 2002 he is active in the sustainability arena, started to develop and implement sustainable sourcing approaches and eco-design principles.

My Sessions

Companies and other large organizations are increasingly being asked to set Science-Based Targets for reducing their climate impacts in line with climate science. Many are taking up the challenge, ensuring they are playing their part in the global effort to limit global warming to well below 2 –degrees Celsius. Companies setting such science based targets … read more >>

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