Nancy Gillis

CEO, Green Electronics Council (GEC)

Nancy Gillis is the CEO of the Green Electronics Council (GEC), a mission-driven non-profit that seeks to achieve a world of only sustainable information technology. GEC manages EPEAT, the leading global ecolabel for IT products.  Before joining GEC, Nancy served as the Global Lead for Resilient and Responsible Supply Chains at Ernst & Young (EY). Prior to that, she served as the Director of the Federal Supply Chain Office at the General Services Administration (GSA), the public procurement agency for the US government. At GSA, Nancy was responsible for the inclusion of sustainability criteria in approximately $450B in yearly federal spend to increase the efficiency, reduce business continuity risk and increase the competitiveness of suppliers to the US government.   Nancy received her graduate degree in Information Technology from Georgetown University.

My Sessions

This session will explore how to best combine site and company-level sustainability considerations such as fair labor practices and protecting human rights with product-level sustainability considerations; and how standards are increasingly covering both. Knowing what to ask suppliers regarding how they are addressing negative labor and human rights impacts and what constitutes credible supporting documentation … read more >>

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