Sarah Church

Sustainability Project Manager, County of Alameda

Sarah Church, Sustainability Project Manager, leads climate change mitigation, resource conservation and waste prevention at California’s Alameda County by facilitating behavior change among the county’s 9500 employees and helping to green its multi-million-dollar contracts. She has advised seven U.S. states and numerous local governments on the cutting edge of sustainable and socially just procurement over a decade, as staff at Responsible Purchasing Network and through Board leadership at SweatFree Communities. Sarah has co-authored several national guides and reports to facilitate sustainable purchasing, with a focus on food, food service ware, and furniture. She currently coordinates the County’s Green Purchasing Roundtable, a resource and network for local institutions.


Building a strong sustainable procurement program involves many moving parts, and progress can sometimes feel elusive. But learning where to focus and how to engage stakeholders can help grease the wheels. This session will provide an overview of key implementation strategies to focus on when initially building program. Key concepts covered will include staffing and … read more >>

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