Shane Stennes

Director of Sustainability, University of Minnesota

Shane Stennes graduated with a BA in Political Science and International Relations from St. John’s University and the College of St. Benedict, and went on to receive a Master of Human Resources from the University of South Carolina. Shane became involved in University sustainability by working as the Sustainability Coordinator for University Services, facilitating the creation of the campus’ climate action plan and sustainability integration in various departments. Following other roles in Facilities Management resulting in a deeper understanding of the behind the scenes action at the U, Shane was hired as the Director of Sustainability. Shane’s favorite recent project was installing solar PV on University property, which involved a broad group of stakeholders ranging from attorneys to energy engineers to product specialists. The effort of this varied and talented group will likely lead to new developments in renewable energy use for the University. Shane is interested in sustainability because he enjoys working on integrative solutions for tough and intractable issues that aren’t always well understood. Ultimately, he wants to be a part of the effort to do something now to create a better future for his children and his home state.

My Sessions

As renewable energy costs continue to fall, large energy users, such as corporations and universities, are barraged with pitches from a growing variety of providers: onsite solar, community solar, and remote net metering, to name just a few. In this session, participants will learn how organizations untangled the web of options and developed multi-dimensional approaches … read more >>

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