Shawn Postera

Sustainabile Purchasing Coordinator, Multnomah County

Shawn Lai Postera posseses a BA in English and American Indian Studies from Augsburg College. She is also a 2009 graduate of the Library and Information Science program from Dominican University. She has fifteen years experience working in public libraries and other public services. When the E-government Act was passed, Shawn knew she had to get her Masters in Library and Information Science so that she could advocate for government information to be organized better on the Internet. Public libraries are a great portal to find government resources, but the ever-changing information and technology environment of today means all library staff or anyone working in a public agency has to keep on developing their skills to try and meet the information needs of the community.

In 2007 Shawn received a Volunteer Service Award for over 10 years of service with the literacy programs at the Franklin Learning Center in Minneapolis. Click here for more information on the Franklin Library’s Franklin Learning Center.(link is external) Shawn has been quoted as saying, “I may have been teaching at the Franklin Library, but I learned more than I taught from learners and staff.”

Shawn continues to volunteer here in Portland with two Multnomah County Programs. Wednesday evenings Shawn can be found volunteering at the North Portland Library Computer Lab.  She spends Thursday evenings tutoring at the Donald H. Londer Center for Learning, A Department of Community Justice Program. Click here for more information about the Donald H. Londer Center for Learning.

Shawn is an expert on race and social justice issues with a passion for sustainability and social equity. She is a leader who practices active listening to meet people where they are at, expanding her stakeholder’s networks to include all people and their perspectives. She is independent, but works well on teams for she appreciates diversity.

Shawn believes in Multnomah County’s Mission(link is external) and practices our Values of Social Justice, Health, Public Safety, Integrity, Stewardship, Creativity and Innovation, and Sustainability.


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