Suzanne Greene

Program Manager, MIT Sustainable Supply Chains

Suzanne Greene manages the Sustainable Logistics Initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Transportation & Logistics. Suzanne has been involved in research on the climate impact of a wide range of products and materials – from laptops to concrete to tennis shoes – and is currently focused on the greenhouse gas and black carbon emissions from freight transportation. Suzanne also serves as a Technical Advisor for the Smart Freight Centre, for whom she helped to develop the Global Logistics Emissions Council Framework and recently authored the Black Carbon Methodology for the Logistics Sector.

My Sessions

With a growing realization that all direct suppliers often only generate 15-20% of supply chain impacts, and that product and packaging redesign can be costly and challenging, companies are searching for additional opportunities for reducing their impacts. A very promising but often overlooked strategy is to focus on embedded industries. Can we go beyond engaging … read more >>

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