TJ Tate

Founder/CEO of Seafood.Life

Tj Tate is the Founder of Seafood.Life a strategic company focused on the defining, implementing and executing solutions to secure the future needs of our seafood consumption. Seafood.Life builds awareness campaigns focused on educating on the importance of a life with Seafood. Education stimulates consumer demand for responsible Aquaculture. Her goal is to unify cross-sector messaging regarding responsible aquaculture on a global scale. Tate believes that aquaculture is the future of seafood as a direct complement to our well managed but limited resource based wild fisheries. Consumer awareness and consumption of responsibly farmed fish, shellfish and sea vegetables is key to the future of healthy bodies and oceans.   Tate is rooted in her beliefs that consumer perception of responsible aquaculture holds the power to change this burgeoning industry and reaching that ultimate goal of food security, economic gains and maintaining cultural connections to the ocean.

Tate has worked in the world of fisheries for over 18 years beginning her career in Aquaculture and fisheries working at Hubbs Research Institute while pursuing her Masters of Marine Science at USD. She was previously the founder and Director of the first brand of responsibly harvested and traceable wild caught fish from the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Wild, is a Seaweb Seafood Summit Awardee, part of the White House Task Force for Sustainable Seafood focused on the future of Aquaculture, a Fish 2.0 Impact Advisor, on the Steering Committee for the Coalition for U.S. Seafood Production and holds several other board and committee duties. Tate deems it imperative to speaks globally on the importance of balanced ecosystems, managed fisheries and the role that responsibly harvested and farmed fish play into that equation.

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