Eureka Recycling Tour

Offsite: Eureka Recycling

Registration Required – Signup via your Conference Registration
Cost: No cost
Start time: 2:00pm – assemble in the Renaissance Lobby
Transportation will depart promptly at 2:10pm
End time: 4:15pm 


Eureka Recycling is the only organization in Minnesota that specializes in zero waste with a mission to demonstrate that waste is completely preventable. The organization’s services, programs, and policy work present solutions to the social justice, environmental, and health problems caused by wasting.

Please Note: Participants are required to wear close-toed shoes as the tour will walk on or near broken glass. Shoes should have either no heel or a wide heel. The stairways are grated and a narrow heel (like on a pump) can slip into the grating and cause a trip hazard.

Participants are required to sign a liability waiver prior to arrival at the facility. Liability waivers will be available to the conference registration desk. 

Eureka Recycling’s MRF (Material Recovery Facility) has been designed to be a Zero Waste Lab by:

  • Demonstrating a zero waste approach to recycling, and being transparent about the challenges and opportunities
  • Providing relevant and accurate data on the impacts of a zero waste approach that provides feedback to manufacturers and municipalities about what materials are recyclable and which ones are not and why, as well as how redesigning items could allow for recyclability or compostability;
  • Creating opportunities for interaction to generate excitement, advocacy and understanding

Attendees will learn how Eureka Recycling balances the environmental, social, and financial to make their model work for mission and margin!