Gurus-in-Residence: Troubleshooting for Private Sector Purchasers

Pavilion- General Session Area

This session open to Private Sector Purchasers only.

Sometimes the most valuable part of a conference occurs when you have an opportunity to just talk with your peers and hear about the challenges they are facing, share solutions, and hear what they are doing to keep moving forward. This session is an opportunity to gather in an informal setting to discuss sustainable procurement challenges, brainstorm solutions with a “guru,” and seek guidance from other attendees who have been in the field for many years. Each roundtable is moderated by seasoned “guru” practitioners from the private sector who will discuss common challenges, and help to troubleshoot specific problems suggested by attendees. Attendees should be prepared to arrive on time, and contribute to a congenial, informative dialogue of support and inspiration. 

Learning Outcomes:
1. Real-life experience of implementing sustainable procurement in the private sector.
2. Lessons learned from implementing sustainable procurement in the private sector.
3. How to sustain motivation and enthusiasm for sustainable procurement within the private sector.

Interactive Workshop