Innovation Accelerator


Sponsored by J.P. Morgan Chase, this session is for innovative projects that are ready to be LAUNCHED, JOINED, EXPANDED, or REPLICATED!

Presenters give an overview of new and innovative projects that advance sustainable purchasing. Attendees claim a seat at a roundtable with a topic of interest to them. Topics are repeated twice.

Building a Comprehensive Strategy to Advance Environmentally Sustainable Solutions
Presenter: Sarah L. Nash

A Call to Action: Prioritizing Sustainable Purchasing Research Topics
Presenter: Veronica Villena

Adoption of Battery Powered Electric Lawn Equipment for Institutions – New State Contract and Tools to Help Justify The Transition
Presenter: Julia Wolfe

GRI Guidance Officially Recognizes EPEAT Purchases: Learn How to Report
Presenter: Jonathan Rifkin

Proven Strategies to Source More Humane and Sustainable Food from Your Supply Chain
Presenters: Claire Fitch, Andrew deCoriolis, Peter Todaro

Stakeholder Stories: What Do Internal Stakeholders Want from a Sustainable Public Procurement Program?
Presenter: Stacey Foreman

New EPA tool launched to support your spend analysis – explore the US Environmentally-Extended Input-Output (USEEIO) model
Presenters: Wesley Ingwersen and Jarrod Bridge

Relying on Environmental Labels and Certifications Beyond Specs in the Procurement Cycle
Presenter: Fallight Xu

Updated Environmental & Social Criteria for EPEAT-Registered Computers/Displays
Presenter: Andrea Desimone

Achieving Deforestation-Free Outcomes: A Common Framework for Reducing Deforestation through Supply Chains
Presenter: Akiva Fishman

Carbon Neutral Products: A Case Study with Interface on the Utilization of Biomethane Energy
Presenters: Randall Lack and Kathy McDuffie

Buying for Next Gen. Laboratories: The new ACT Eco-Label
Presenters: Allison Paradise and Annie Bevan

From Guidance, to Policy to Action! Making Buyers Sustainable Procurement Decisions Easy
Presenter: Karl Bruskotter

Combining Spend Analysis with Supplier Data: Creating a Complete and Actionable Database Model
Presenter: Chris Erickson

Purchasing that Stimulates Rural Economic Development
Presenter: Sally Shaver

Collecting and curating product performance data to save money and accelerate sustainable procurement
Presenter: Paul Shahriari

The Road Less Traveled: How Procurement Can Promote High-Road Workplace Practices
Presenter: Eliza Kelsten

Going Global with Renewable Energy Purchasing
Presenter: James Lewis

Fostering Responsible Mining – Looking Deep in Your Supply Chain
Presenter: Aimee Boulanger

Fair Trade Factory Certification – Apparel and Beyond
Presenters: Paul Rice and Billy Linstead Goldsmith

Right to Repair Legislation: What Purchasers Should Know & Do
Presenter: Gay Gordon-Byrne

Defining Responsible Steel: Embedded in Every Supply Chain is the World’s Largest Materials Industry
Presenter: Matthew Wenban-Smith

Getting the Questions Right for Assessing Products:  The Case of Plastics
Presenter: Mikhail Davis

Innovation Accelerator Roundtable