Group Run on Minneapolis Riverfront

Renaissance Hotel Lobby

Group Run on Minneapolis Riverfront 
Make a fresh start to your conference day with a group run on Minneapolis’ Riverfront. Meet SPLC board member Johanna Kertesz and members of the SPLC staff in the lobby of the Renaissance on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. This year, a 2.26 and ~5 mile option will be offered each day. There will be a slower and faster group to accommodate all preferences.

Stone Arch and Hennepin Bridge Loop – 2.26 miles
Departing from the Renaissance Depot Hotel, this route takes you across the Stone Arch, a former railroad bridge crossing the Mississippi River at Saint Anthony Falls. You’ll run through quaint Saint Anthony Main and then return to downtown via the Hennepin Bridge, a beautiful suspension bridge (and the site of the first bridge spanning the Mississippi) which affords you some great views of the city and the historic Grain Belt sign. Check out a map of the route!

Stone Arch and Broadway Bridge Loop ~ 5 miles
Those seeking a longer run will depart from the Renaissance Depot Hotel and cross the historic Stone Arch Bridge. After passing through Saint Anthony Main, this route continues past the Hennepin Bridge, Nicollet Island, Boom Island, and the Plymouth Bridge. You’ll get a feel for the more industrial side of Minneapolis as you enter Northeast, eventually crossing back over the Mississippi via the Broadway Avenue Bridge (fun fact – this bridge is almost exactly halfway between the equator and the North Pole!). Return to downtown via the scenic west bank of the Mississippi.