Program Overview

SPLC’s Summit attracts high caliber presenters and workshop facilitators. See the speakers featured at the 2018 Summit, as well as last year’s full program line-up to get a sense of what to expect. The detailed program will be announced by the end of February.

2019 Summit Presentation Formats

Interactive Workshop (60 mins):
An interactive workshop should engage the participants actively in learning new information or techniques by stimulating creativity through collaborative work. Each workshop should feature expert guidance by presenters, real-world experience, and peer-to-peer dialogue and problem solving.

Full Panel Session (60 mins)
This presentation type is intended to be a moderated discussion, involving experts in a particular area of specialty. It is the responsibility of the submitter to find and organize both the presenters and moderator. Each panel session should be comprised of an introduction to the topic, a number of presentations on individual research projects or topics, and a final discussion and/or Q&A between the panelists and the audience.

Lightning Talk (10-15 mins + 5 mins Q&A)
The goal of a lightning talk is to present a case study, research report, or other information in a quick, insightful, and clear manner. SPLC will organize accepted lightning talks into 60-minute sessions in which several talks will be given on a theme. Submitters who wish to coordinate with other presenters should submit a Full Panel Session proposal.

Innovation Accelerator Roundtable Presentations (10 min presentation + 20 mins of discussion)
This presentation should be designed to be given to a table of ten participants about an innovative project, initiative, big idea, or next/best practice, and be followed up by discussion. Each round of the Accelerator will be 30 minutes. The presenter can present for a maximum of 10 minutes before opening the floor to discussion. The presenter should be prepared to give their talk to two separate groups, as participants will switch tables after 30 minutes. Learn more about the Innovation Accelerator’s purpose and format.

Visit the call for presentations page for more information on the SPLC presentation submission process. The 2019 Summit submission deadline is November 9, 2018.