SPLC Webinar Series: Call for Proposals

SPLC is inviting members and non-members alike to propose webinars for an upcoming Sustainable Purchasing Webinar Series that it will be promoting and hosting this coming fall and winter.  

Important Dates

  • September 15, 2017 – Deadline to be considered for SPLC’s Webinar Series 
  • October 15, 2017 – Presenters notified of acceptance status 

Want to sponsor SPLC's Webinar Series?

Sponsoring SPLC’s webinar series comes with a number of benefits participation and visibility benefits. Contact Cuchulain Kelly at cuchulain@sustainablepurchasing.org for more information on becoming a sponsor.

Topics of Interest

These themes and subthemes below have been requested by SPLC members in the past. You are also welcome and able to submit proposals for webinars outside of these themes.

  • Sustainable Purchasing Program
    • Sustainable Purchasing 101
    • Sustainable Purchasing Policy
    • Sustainability-related Spend Analysis
    • Providing Sustainable Purchasing Training/Education
    • Motivating Sustainable Purchasing/Behavior
    • Tracking Sustainable Purchasing
    • Benchmarking Sustainable Purchasing
  • Product Sustainability
    • Product Evaluation
    • Circular Economy
    • Certifications & Standards
    • Integrating Product Info into eProcurement/eCatalogs/ERP
    • Product Ingredient Transparency
  • Supplier Sustainability
    • Supplier Engagement/Development
    • Supplier Evaluation/Scorecarding
    • Supplier Diversity
    • Auditing for Supplier Compliance
    • Supply Chain Transparency/Traceability
  • Impact
    • Issue-based initiatives that cut across categories and suppliers (e.g., climate, human rights, biodiversity, anti-corruption, etc)
    • Measuring the Social, Environmental, and Economic Impact of Sustainable Purchasing
    • The Business Case for Sustainable Purchasing
  • Policy & Regulatory Affairs
    • Current Regulations Affecting Sustainable Purchasing
    • Current Policy Initiatives (national, state/province, local gov’t)
    • Policy Advocacy
    • Global Policy Perspectives/Outlook
    • Multi-lateral Collaborations (UN, EU, etc)

Holistic Sustainability Leadership: More than Just Environmental
Every year we received many excellent presentation proposals for environmental topics. In addition to environmental topics, we strongly encourage the submission of presentation proposals that challenge the common misconception that “sustainability” is just about the environment. Peruse SPLC’s Key Factors Affecting Sustainable Purchasing worksheet to see a list of some of the many social, environmental, economic, and ethical aspects of sustainable purchasing. Here are a few prompts to spur your thinking:

  • Can you share how you are evaluating social and ethical risks in your supply base? Beyond Tier 1?
  • Have you challenged your suppliers to put in place anti-discrimination and affirmative hiring practices?
  • How have you addressed human rights concerns, such as conflict minerals and human trafficking?
  • Has your procurement helped prevent corruption?
  • Do you have a story of how you’ve increased transparency in your supply chain?
  • Have you connected your purchasing to local economic development that improves the community in which you operate?
  • Have you worked to develop the sustainability competency and capabilities of small, medium and diverse suppliers?
  • Have you found a way to support workers’ rights in your supply chain?

Product & Service Categories of Interest

Some presentations will address aspects of sustainable purchasing that apply across all product and service categories (such as supplier scorecarding). In other cases, presentations may focus aspects of sustainable purchasing within one or more specific purchasing categories. To help guide those submitting proposals, the following categories have been identified by SPLC members as being of particular interest. However, presentation proposal submitters are also welcome and able to submit proposals for presentations that focus on other categories.

  • Chemically Intensive Products (e.g., Cleaning and Sanitizing Products, Building Maintenance Products, Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Products, Personal Care Products)
  • Construction and Renovation (e.g., Building design and construction, renovations and fit outs, leasing, furnishings)
  • Electricity
  • Food and Beverages for Food Services (e.g., food service operations, vending, concessions, catering)
  • Garments and Linens
  • IT Hardware and Services (e.g., personal computers, mobile phones, imaging equipment, televisions, data centers, etc.)
  • Professional Services (e.g., legal, management consulting, public relationships, HR, financial, architecture, etc.)
  • Transportation and Fuels (e.g., vehicle fleets, freight, last mile delivery services, travel, fuels)
  • Wood and Agrifiber Products (e.g., lumber, MDF, office and janitorial paper products)
  • Other


The audience usually consists of 50-100 SPLC members and non-members in procurement and sustainability fields in a variety of industries including government, all sized businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions and more. They span geographically across the United States as well as internationally. Proposed topics can be tailored to a specific niche or audience or can be more general to attract all SPLC members and contacts. We welcome proposals at all levels (introductory, intermediate and advanced).


Most SPLC webinars are 60 minutes long and involve one to two speakers representing perspectives of different institutions and/or backgrounds. We are accepting proposals for any type of format/duration, but ask that presentation time remain limited to 40 minutes or less to allow time for introductions and Q&A for a 60 minute long webinar or 60 minutes of presentation time for a 90 minute webinar.

We encourage proposals to include webinar presenters from different backgrounds and/or organizations to offer diversity of perspective.


SPLC will have a panel review all webinar proposals and score them based on various criteria including:

  1. The proposed webinar is relevant to the SPLC audience and members.
  2. The proposed webinar presents unique or innovative programs and initiatives.
  3. The proposed webinar provides content that is replicable and broadly applicable to the SPLC community.
  4. The proposed webinar enhances the diversity of perspectives on a topic (e.g., by including content featuring or focused on a variety of institution types or groups that are typically underrepresented).
  5. The proposed webinar description is easy to follow with clear learning objectives.

Presenter Responsibilities

If your proposal is selected, each presenter will be expected to:

  • Provide a 150 words or less biography and headshot to be used for promotional purposes.
  • Develop a compelling slide presentation to be used for the visual component of the webinar.
  • Participate in at least one rehearsal to familiarize yourself with the technology we’ll be using and coordinate with other presenters.
Join Review Committee

*Opportunity to serve on proposal review committee only available to employees of SPLC member organizations. Learn more about membership.

SPLC’s Responsibilities

  • Provide the technology and infrastructure to advertise the webinar, handle webinar registration, produce the webinar, and host the recorded webinar.
  • Promote the webinar to its members and network via social media, targeted emails, and SPLC’s newsletter.
  • Collect presenters slides and integrate into one seamless presentation for the webinar.
  • Train the presenter(s) on how to use the webinar platform, organize a tech rehearsal, and assist with the entire live webinar presentation.
  • Moderate the webinar. This includes formally introducing the presenters and facilitating any Q&A and/or live polling.
  • Collect attendee feedback and share it with the presenters.

Submitting Your Webinar Proposal

Use this simple webform to submit the information requested:

Submit Proposal

If you have any questions, please contact Helena Tavares Kennedy at helena@sustainablepurchasing.org.

The following information will be asked of you to submit a webinar proposal, so have this information ready:

  • Your contact information including First name, Last name, Title, Organization, Email address, and Phone number
  • Brief bio
  • Proposal title
  • Have you presented this previously (e.g., as a webinar or conference presentation)? If so, when?
  • Target audiences
  • Webinar Description (an overview of the webinar topic, including the significance and/or timeliness of such a session and specific issues that will be covered, and your proposed webinar length)
  • Three learning objectives that this webinar will provide
  • Co-presenters and their contact information, if applicable (Please only include co-presenters who have agreed to participate).
  • You must agree to the terms of this Call for Webinar Proposals in order for your submission to be considered. 1. SPLC reserves the right to edit webinar titles and descriptions, and share the webinar as SPLC content within SPLC’s membership and/or publicly.
    2. There are no reimbursement or honorariums being offered.
    3. SPLC requires that your presentation and materials be your own original work and that you have obtained any necessary copyright permissions.
    4. SPLC does not allow sales pitches during presentations. Content should be educational and based on a relevant topic, concept or idea, not a product or service.