Kris Spriano


Interim CEO; Director of Knowledge Design and Development


Member - Non-Profit

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Professional Bio

Kris is responsible for ensuring a credible, impact-focused approach to the design and development of SPLC's sustainable procurement resources through policy, procedure, and appropriate management - in alignment with SPLC's theory of change. In addition, Kris leads the SPLC Navigator program, co-leads SPLC's Guidance Development, and supports various internal operations to ensure successful delivery of services to members and other external stakeholders. Prior to the SPLC, Kris was a Supply Chain Sustainability Manager at Cisco Systems focused on supply chain GHG emissions, environmental compliance, learning and development, and new product program management. Kris is a certified ISSP Sustainability Excellence Associate (SEA) and holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Parent: SPLC

Photo of Kris Spriano

Organization Role


Category Expertise


Economic Sustainability Expertise

Growth of Sustainable Products & Services

Environmental Sustainability Expertise

Supply Chain GhG Emissions

General Sustainability Expertise

Building a Biz Case, Non-profit partnerships/expertise, Policy / Process Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Manufacturing Processes, Supplier Engagement, Supplier Enterprise-level Sustainability Reporting, Training / Learning & Development, Other